Friday, July 1, 2016

"let them eat cake"...or not

Well amazing-- I am blogging again before the next az challenge- my life is a little troubled lately- nothing really that big in the scheme of life- but today I choose to write about something else

A couple of days ago- Frank and Robyn went to Wal-Mart- I stayed home with Miller (remember Robyn's baby) Frank calls me from the store- wanting to know if I wanted a cake that was marked down-

They had a red velvet and a Boston cream cake- which one- they were both under $3 so I said hey go ahead and get both- we can freeze one

Now as you might recall- I have some problems with my blood sugars- so probably should have passed on both- but was looking forward to a piece later that evening

Just before bed I ask if anyone wants a piece of those cakes and which one did Robyn put into the freezer

She doesn't remember- doesn't want any and Frank didn't either- so I decide it's too much trouble for just me- so off to bed- no cake

Next day Robyn and I are loading up Miller and all his paraphernalia in the car for a quick trip- Robyn screams like there's a huge spider or something

I rush to see what is wrong-- "the cakes- I left them in the car all night!"-- oh man I thought- we thought of lying to Frank and saying we discovered they had mold

Robyn instead confessed and Frank said it was his fault too- as they had both brought in the groceries

Oh well maybe God was once again saving me from myself!


  1. God knows what is best for each of us. It is a matter of trusting Him, and listening to the quiet voice within us. this cake episode is one of his Answers.

  2. Thankfully they weren't more expensive :) Just think of all the calories saved :)


  3. Both unfortunate and fortunate! At least you're looking at the bright side :)