Friday, July 26, 2019

Ode to summer

As I sit here sipping my second cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer I feel a little sad

I started to blog yesterday about my memories of summertime - I had trouble logging in so I didn't blog

What a difference a day makes
Yesterday I was going to lament about my sweet thoughts of peach picking with my grandmother

Trips to a trailer park to retrieve a lady's things- as she was moving in with us for a time-- good and bad recollections of that but always a shining memory of my child person

Climbing into the tiny house trailer-- sitting on the small hard sofa-- thinking how great it was and wondering why anyone would choose to leave such an enchanting place

But today the pumpkin spice is reminding me of the brevity of each season
And scolding me how I have hated summer in the past and rushed it away before it's time

A little ache is in my throat as summer seems to be waving goodbye


  1. I hope you share those memories of those different things at another time. Yep summer is slowing slipping away. Actually pretty fast it seems these days with how time flies. Already the evenings and mornings are darker than they were a month ago. Hope you remember how to log in so you can post more often!


    1. Hi Betty!
      No i really wasn't going to add any memories-- strangely i dont have many but the ones i have are so vivid and mostly one time events
      Enjoy the rest of ypur summer Betty!🌞

  2. Strong memories that are good and some are sad. A good mixture of both, I think.

    1. The lady coming to live with us was at times a sad situation - thanks Susan- hope you're having a good summer

  3. Poignant. I think the post you never wrote would have been interesting - living in a brief bit of the past, breathing in its flavours and feeling its gentle touch - if only in our mind - is part of life's rich pageant.

    However, realizing the present is all we have, your choice for today is a good one. Remembering how fast time flies and what little of it is fully lived makes each moment of the now so precious.

    Enjoy your pumpkin spiced coffee, and may tomorrow be as full and rich of joy and happiness as any one day can be.

    Cheers, Jenny (dropping in from the past, trying to catch up with the present) :) :)

  4. Summer does seem to be flying by so quickly! I'm not ready to say goodbye yet! Enjoyed your musings. :)