Thursday, November 19, 2009

my first born

well i am afraid i have started something, with my post about my grand-daughters on their birthdays-

31 years ago i gave birth to my first child- november 20-

he was a very large baby 10lb 4oz-- he looked so big- he was

he's the one i blogged about before - ya know the one "gatoring" on the table at school- good times-
he's also the one who thought he would love to stay a week in the mountains, with his wife and 4 small children-

i hope he is always safe and happy- he is also the actor- so i guess a wish for him to be able to still find the time to act or whatever he wants to do in that direction

we are very proud of the man he has become- there are many stories i could tell about him - i will spare him- for now

i hope he will always find the time to be with his family and take life as it comes- with much joy and contentment- if i could i would keep anything from ever hurting him as all mothers would do if they could , for all of our children-

i am so thankful he has found the perfect partner in life- i pray they will continue to grow closer and closer-

much good wishes and love go out to him and his sweet sweet family

happy birthday son <3

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