Monday, February 6, 2012

if only it were jeans

wow--i am feeling a little overwhelmed by all of robyn's stuff----went to william and mary over the weekend--i felt kinda guilty taking her there to tour--even if she would apply and get in---where is the money------!!!--and the scholarship search is taking over her life and the preparing for sat's----to me it's like why don't they just come with college apps. when they are born--it would save a lot of time---robyn, says to be careful what i put here--so i will haha--but for me who believes in the "un-schooling" method (but don't worry she is in the "tag" program)---this theory is mainly in my head---anyway, you get where i am coming from-----where are the good old days when it wasn't all about this---

big discussion yesterday at church about the differences with planning planning saving saving and security sec-------you get the pt.----and the "give us this day our daily bread"---take no thought---we aren't promised tomorrow-----do not boast about what you will do tomorrow------

no answers once again--we are trusting God to provide the way if robyn is to go to a college of her choice----

i have to say though, i think the college prep is way out of line with my thinking---and yes okay i don't have an over abundance of money---and certainly not earthly security---but i don't think we are to look for that here--

just thought i would blow off some of the frustration i feel-----don't get me wrong--i want my daughter and all of my kids to do what makes them happy--to fulfill their dreams and i am right there rooting them on--but i also don't want to shy away from the things i feel are right to teach them and the values i believe in----i don't ever want them to conform in the wrong way to this world---to spend their life chasing the "american dream"--only to wake up and realize, they took the turnpike instead of the "road less traveled"


  1. Lynn.. I will be praying for you . For the road as a christian is very narrow.. The one of this world is broad and easy ! You need to encourage Robyn and u and frank as well to def. Come to the Lord with this one. If this is God's plan for her to be @ a college then He will bring it too on HIS terms in HIS time. We have to sit back and trust in his will. As a mom I know how hard it is to want to make these little creatures to be exactly what "we" want them to be. But in all realness They are not ares they are the Lords :) We have to trust him and all his plans. Maybe Robyn needs to be out in "this World" to spread the world . To brighten her corner so others may come to know the lord. DONT worry about the money . There are many ways. God Bless and Pray hard :) Loveyou all !