Monday, January 30, 2012

i think i am getting it-----buying jeans needs a "dress rehearsal"

i just returned home from the second trip in less than 3 days, for my daughter robyn to look for jeans--first let me assure you she is aware and supportive of my sharing this traumatizing story with all of you----i think she would not have been all for it before today--let's say not on "dress rehearsal day"-

that day "drd" she did not even want to talk about jeans and stubbornly declared that the only pants she would now adorn would be either her dress black pants or her exercise pants----i told her that was fine by me!!

as she tried on several pairs of jeans--all of which-as she calls it--"are made for amazons"---she sulked at every pair, every size and whined that she was a cow and a vertically challenged individual at best-----later she confided that she sat in the dressing room crying-----

one of the things that probably made this horrible trip more unbearable was the fact that her dad was with us---as he cannot get it, that he is not to comment at all----and then when he does and she goes crazy---well let's just say, it ain't pretty---

i must include this information--she is a beautiful girl---not a stick--but was trying on 0's and 1's------i try to tell her just wait---but somehow that is not encouraging-----i tell her hey i once had the same problem many pounds ago and what i would give to have the only size dilemma be the length-----that doesn't penetrate her lonely deep despair either----so we leave--no jeans---no hope that she will ever again be able to wear, what has become the staple of our society, especially in her circles---what has life to hold for her--

like i told you, she is in full agreement with the sharing of this tragic tale--in order as she put it--maybe she could share this with her daughter one day--maybe it could help her through these awful body image self-loathing never pretty enough days--days i tell her will go by so fast---that too does not help one little tiny bit-

so today when i tell her i have to go to the store, she says "hey want to go look at jeans"-----and i answer, of course, there is nothing i would enjoy more-----

and just like in the theatre, if your dress rehearsal is bad, you can be certain you will have a wonderful opening night----2 pair of jeans on sale--Christmas money covered them-so the size and the prices were right----mission accomplished----

i didn't go by the store on the way home----just like a performance i was exhausted--but unlike an opening night, there will be no other shows at least for a month or so-

oh and something for all of you out there looking to supplement your income--i was telling frank the other day---someone could make good money--taking teenage girls to buy jeans----he thought it was a great idea---all applicants please apply in person and must also be available for the dress rehearsal


  1. I also went through a no jeans phase. And I still have issues with finding a good pair. They're ALWAYS too long or too tight or too loose. I agree. They make them for Amazons.

  2. i know i went through that whole thing too with the length back in the day---now if i could just get some to fit me in the stomach area and not look like bozo the clown or hammer pants in the legs :)