Friday, January 13, 2012

about kit.........................

for those of you who may have been reading my last attempt at a novelette, "autumn of the heart"--i'm sorry i left ya hanging---

"autumn of the heart" was one of my writings where i sit and just start to write with no idea of what i will write or where it may lead--of course after the first entry-i still didn't know where i was going with the story but it is not as cold writing as the first day--

although i write this way on my blog most of the time (as you can probably tell haha)--i haven't done that as a continued story on my blog--"queenie's bequest" was started in 2000 and completed a few years later--

i share all of this wonderfully interesting information--to let you know, at this time i have no plans to finish "autumn of the heart"--as i was very inspired when i started to write it that first day--i let myself, become aware of how what i was feeling about kit was not going to have any real story, so i believe i let it go in a direction, i was not truly connected with, to make it what i thought would be more entertaining --

reserving the right to come back one day to finish, "autumn of the heart"---i will let you know at this time what may or may not have happened to kit----

she may have opened a bridal shop with her friend and have one day been re-united with her daughter, when she came in to pick out her bridal dress-

she may have gone back to the pig of a boss and taken the easy way out, or so it would have seemed to her--she not ever forgiving herself, would take his abuse as her plight in life---

she may have become an alcoholic and stayed at the cottage, also becoming a cat lady---

or she may have walked out into the waters the day she found captain dead----

either way, kit i am sad to say was not in my heart or my spirit----

so to be honest i don't really care what happened to her, because, she meant nothing to me--

i can't promise you, my readers, but i will try to never do this again---i wished i had of known her---sleep in peace kit----you were not my "autumn of the heart"

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