Friday, February 21, 2014

friday fun with food news

remember i told you i might be writing about food soon---well here goes

robyn and i collaborated on a couple of dinners this week---you know what i just might go ahead and tell you our week's dinner menu and please don't judge haha-

monday night--- we made my "famous" corned beef hash casserole---
four cans of hash
layer two in casserole dish--flattening a bit
spread with your favorite tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce
sprinkle with salt pepper and garlic salt
top with eight slices of swiss cheese
repeat next layer--topping with extra sauce
cook at 350 for about an hour--letting it set up some before serving

this time making it, it didn't set up well and was runny---i know sounds disgusting but really it was just as tasty---we changed it up by serving it over toast

we had frozen yellow squash with it--i tell ya squash does not go far in our house--we had four bags of squash with no left-overs---but i did take out a serving to share with my dad the next day along with the cbh casserole---and again i say the frozen squash is just as good to me as the fresh---just add a little oil of choice---fry onions--adding squash with no liquid and cook away---adding lots of pepper and some salt and garlic salt--butter towards the end

tuesday night--robyn wanted to try something different--"creamy tomato chicken penne"
combine your favorite tomato sauce with cream cheese 2oz (we would use a whole small package next time)
add parmesan cheese about 1/4 cup--wouldn't hurt to add more
of course make your penne like usual pasta
we used already cooked chicken pieces and heated them before adding to dish
add frozen thawed spinach--squeezing out liquid
add all together in skillet and cook for about 15 min-
 with this dish we served garlic bread and fried corn---note fry longer and use white shoe-peg

wednesday night-
we were really busy so it was easy night
canned chunky beef vegetable soup over rice with biscuits---remember no judging!
but because i was judging myself--i added a simple but delicious new creation fruit salad
just any kind of your favorite fruit--i used canned tropical fruit
add finely shredded cheddar cheese to taste and your favorite coleslaw dressing---big big hit and only change i would make is to present it in a prettier dish! oh and btw--the guys(esp. dillon)love the soup and rice thing!

okay yeah that's not a whole week but can't make this blog but so long--happy weekend and happy cooking!


  1. Tuesday sounded especially delicious to me. MMM.

  2. it was good and with the changes i think it would be especially good--thanks susan :)

  3. I love penne pasta noodles!! Now I am hungry :)

  4. Sounds like you've had lots of great food at your house! Do you want to cook for me? ;0)

    Hey, thanks for the idea about my blog being a comic strip. You've got my wheels turning. Maybe I'll turn it into a comic book someday. ;0)

  5. yeah i just love your blog and i can really see it being a huge success as a comic strip and maybe even a cute sitcom and of course a darling book--and yes if you are ever my way, i would be happy to cook for you :)

  6. America lives on thrifty dishes, easy to prepare. Good for us. Squash goes down well around here, too, and lots of fruit. Oh, and coleslaw. Those kids eat like their last meal.

  7. yep, we are very thrifty and i could eat squash every day---i think my favorite coleslaw is kfc :)

  8. You're making me hungry, Lynn! :)

  9. haha i am getting hungry now too dana--frank and dillon are gonna be running late tonight and one of them is suppose to bring home the pizza--;)

  10. Well this was fun to read : ) My hubs loves corned beef hash, and there's a diner by my mom's that apparently makes the best (according to my hubs!). I've never cooked it at home. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  11. yeah i used to make that corn beef dish all the time when we were first married--robyn had heard me tell stories about it through the years, but her being the "baby" she had never had it until recently--she loves it--and will order cbh for breakfast if it's on the menu! hope you are having a wonderful weekend too-- thanks joyce :)

  12. Lynn! It's been a while--and that fruit salad has a really bright look! I'd love to try it. Food posts can be so comforting. It's like being invited into someone's kitchen for a spell. :) :)

  13. it has been a long time suze-- it's like i have had a disconnect with writing in general----i did really like that fruit thing---and i had to laugh after robyn took the pic in the corning-ware dish--i mean it's not like i don't have pretty bowls--hope you are good---coming over now :)

  14. They all look nice dishes.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  15. That Monday night recipe takes me back to my time in the services in the 60's, I think our hash was fairly basic though. Onions, beef, carrots and potatoes.
    I always like fried onions "See's two pun o' ingins" Scot's dialect back in the old days. Garlic bread is brilliant. I buy ready tropical fruit, I love it.
    A few years a real lazy meal for me was baking a potato and pouring over it, a heated up can of ready made Irish Stew. I loved it.
    Nice to see your varieties Lynn.

  16. your hash sounds like something i shall try! and the potato trick is a good one thanks!

  17. That penne dish looks so good! I need to add some "flavor" to my cooking. I make the same things all the time. Thanks for sharing, Lynn.

  18. yeah it's hard to find different things to make that don't have a million steps-- i'm all about good but easy-- good to hear from you susan :)