Thursday, September 17, 2020

A memory

 The last couple of days I’ve noticed fall is practically here

It’s a bit cooler and the sun seems a bit different 

All of this had me remembering a day long ago

I have to share- there are actually not many days of my childhood that stand out to me or enter the deep recesses of my thoughts 

This day was one that I so often think of

Our church choir leader- I think her name was Betty Russ— she had invited all the choir members and their families to her river cottage for a picnic

It must have been around this time of year— the skies threatened rain and the breezes churned the waters extra rough— it was pretty cool— I think I had jeans on with a long sleeve shirt and a heavy sweater 

I can almost smell the salty air- as the river was part of the Chesapeake Bay 

I remember being outside quite a lot of the time but also how the kids congregated in a small bedroom- where we all took turns 2 or 3 at a time- jumping exuberantly in its tiny twin bed

I don’t recall what I ate that day but I believe everyone brought a covered dish- with our hostess making the main dishes

I can still feel that air- hitting my cheeks and tousling my hair over my face

We climbed the harsh rocks and stood atop - feeling the freedom of the windy paradise 

A day I see in my mind’s eye- full of possibilities and wonder- Making a lasting impression on my heart and senses 


  1. Nothing like a church picnic! Sounded like a wonderful time. I am glad you remembered it. I hope you are doing okay, praying for you and your family.


    1. Hi Betty- thanks so much- hope you’re doing well!❤️

  2. Love this. I have generally great memories of my summers on the cape with all my cousins, but few specific memories. If that makes any sense. Funny though, those specific memories are so detailed, it's like I'm right back there.