Monday, October 5, 2009


well we went to another church yesterday- we had been there before- still wasn't their regular service- it was nice- but don't like the fact , they don't have Sunday school- guess more of a baptist thing--but that's one of the main reasons we are leaving--so our daughter can have more inter- action with other youth--if it was up to me i probably wouldn't even bother to go--does that sound awful--maybe--but starting to hate the worldly politics in the organized church--although i don't want to discourage anyone from going--it's fine if you don't lead anything or become (unknowingly) a threat to someone--sound like sour grapes-- no just reality--so sad it has to be that way- but as long as we are all human , this will continue--enough of this - i will go on to another point or something

i do have a peace , i never thought i would have , about going to different churches- thought i would chicken out--just hate to do things like that- and i'm not very social-- at the church we attended yesterday , it was teacher appreciation day- i knew that already- after we had made our decision to visit --well i don't know what i was expecting- i mean i signed up to win things and all- but i wasn't thinking they would call out people and such--didn't care for that but did get a walmart gift certificate, so shouldn't complain.

we will continue our quest- let ya know how it goes- if you're out there

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