Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just writing

well our family finally made the decision to leave our church- the one we have always gone to - i like to say i went there before i was born, as my parents are charter members--it was time

a lot of bad things had gotten in the way these last couple of years--my friend says it's way past due, our leaving and that she thinks God was trying to make us leave--probably so-

still it's going to be somewhat hard to leave the familiar and all-

kinda funny, my husband, frank was just about to call and talk to the people he needed to , about resigning different jobs, when the phone rang --it was a lady at church- she had called to tell frank that the church was replacing him as superintendent of sunday school- he had to laugh-- because we had already decided to leave

i hope we find where God wants us soon- but i have to say visiting last Sunday at a new church wasn't as hard as i had thought it would be--it's kind of exciting and freeing-

if you're reading this ,please be in pray for us --

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