Monday, September 21, 2009

so i haven't written in a few part 2--and still nobody cares :(

boy it's true -writers do hit dry spots- but they say true writers just keep on writing , even if it's just a few lines a day
i remember when i wrote my first (what i consider ) real book --more like a short novel or really loonng short story--anyway- i couldn't stop writing, i would even be up in the night - it just flowed- like i couldn't stop it if i had wanted to--not so much like that lately--thinking about life too much i guess-

i want to go ahead and make the mark i was put here to make--and it may just be my mark is making sacrifices--and that's okay--if i know what they are--you read so much about doing what you are passionate about--but is that always possible--maybe not in certain times of our lives-

maybe our passions can change to something easier - passion doesn't always have to be a struggle - does it ?

why do we want to live out our dreams-but also fit in with society or i least i find my self still fighting myself this way--as the Bible says we are to live in this world but not be of it and we are not suppose to love the things of this world--but it's very hard to keep going in this world ,sometimes without the "things" of this world--

i really hate the crap i'm writing lately- but i'm trying to not give up on this stupid blog--

what if i'm on the verge of a great breakthrough- a breakthrough to what i don't know - heck i don't even know what a breakthrough would look like--or if it would mean anything if it came-"fish world "is so much easier -never mind that---one day all i will be concerned with will be -will be -well ,will be probably nothing even similar to my silly questions and concerns today--"vanity, vanity , all is vanity"

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