Saturday, September 12, 2009

remembering carter

this is the anniversary of my dear carter's passing from his beautiful body. he was 12 years old when he left- he is my 3rd born son--

there are of course many many things that i remember about carter- i just want to recall a few of them-

i remember how your big brothers played with you- lots- and how colin always said you were his little buddy
i remember how your youngest sister, robyn used to put make-up on you and high heel shoes-until mama saw it and quickly took them off--i don't think you minded
i remember how much you liked to have your head scratched- and although you couldn't talk - you let me know , when i stopped that you had not had enough !
i remember when you had lots of curly light brown hair - we said you looked like a little lion
i remember how - the first few years you laughed and laughed-
i remember how much you seemed to like "Aladdin" and how we decided "a whole new world" was your song
i remember holding you the night you died and thinking i could memorize your face-
i remember you today and everyday- you came at such a sad time in our lives and made things bearable-we all miss you and will see you one day--the Bible says you will have a new body, but to me i can't imagine a body or spirit more beautiful than yours-i love you carter

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