Friday, September 25, 2009

day with grand-daughter

today i kept my second to youngest grand-daughter - robyn and i decided , despite the rain we would take her to walmart to shop and have lunch-she seemed to enjoy herself--she kills me though- she is just so funny -i don't know why, she just is--

she insisted mama and daddy had a new car- was hoping that was true, but it wasn't --

robyn and i split our usual tuna sub and little (gotta remember to ask kids if they mind me using names - i'll call her dana ) dana got a hot dog-

i got the other grand kids clothes i found on sale - there were no sizes for her so she got a light up pumpkin thing, to take trick or treating

little sideline now -- the other day i was having lunch with my son- robyn was telling him about the costume she was gonna wear on halloween--and he said -gee that's funny , mom never let us go trick or treating--i felt so bad-- it was mostly true---you see when he was little i had this big religious conviction about not celebrating Halloween--you get older, ya change- but still felt the guilt--oh well not a thing i can do to change that--

it was a nice day- dana had the most fun playing with my shells i have sitting around in different containers--seems she's stolen quite a few - according to my son --he's like- mom please don't send her home with anymore shells--and really mom,just why did you bring the kids beach glass- no we didn't let them have it--

well not much more to say-- i'm planning to go read the rest of my daughter-in -law's book she has written- can't wait--grand kids are fun- i recommend them to everyone

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