Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our family's miracle baby

3 years ago today we woke up to a call, that our 3rd grand-daughter, our 5th grand-child, had been born-

we had not known that she was due to be born so soon- our daughter-in law , had just been to the doctor's the day before- they thought she had 2 more months-but they were wrong-she was perfect-

little dannon was the catalyst for a major miracle in our family- you might say she brought people together

she is a little bundle of energy and cute as a button- which allows her to get away with a lot - haha-

i hope she has a wonderful life- one as full of life as she is

we all have to laugh- whenever someone is bugging us or just getting on our last nerve , we like to repeat dannon's words of wisdom- "leave me alone, i don't feel good"--happy birthday little miracle girl

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