Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow daze and baby news

hey you guys-well how is everyone in richmond va., liking our unusual amounts of snow- i know i hate it--although last weekend was kinda neat- frank was off from both jobs so we had some extra time together, which was nice--we watched some movies, caught up on some reading and i got some little things around the house taken care of-so that part was great- but i am really ready for spring-

we found out what the new grand-baby was-----a girl- robyn and i watched the kids while dustin and adie went to the doctor for the ultra-sound - it was so funny- all the kids wanted a boy- so when they texted us the pic and that it was a girl, there was a lot of groaning from the kids- robyn and i were excited either way- the kids were quickly over it and ready to welcome a new sis into the family-

remember that old house i told you about last week--we got to go in it- we are not going to try to buy it , but it was really interesting to see it--it needs sooooo much work- it's a good deal for people with money to buy it and flip it- but not us- sorta feeling like that old dream has died once more--you know if you have that dream or any other dream- go for it when you're younger- unless you are the kind of person who likes to work on houses and is retired-

we are still thinking and praying about starting a church- frank more than i am--he's has been researching how to start a church and lots of other stuff pertaining to that--

i don't really have any other news to tell at this time - just thought i would say hello,hello-

i hope all get through this winter with not too much "discontent"--

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