Saturday, March 27, 2010


today is my 6th grandchild's (and my 4th granddaughter) 2nd birthday- she was going to have her party today but she and her sister,rylee were not feeling too well , so we will all celebrate next saturday-

she is of course a very beautiful little girl- she really reminds me of my son when he was little and her disposition is much like his also, very laid back and quiet-

she has the biggest eyes , which people say come from my side of the family-

she is a joy to all who know her--she is very funny in her quiet way--we are still laughing about how at Christmas, we went with them to see santa --well she wasn't too sure about him and she said--"santa's not nice santa's raaaaaaww" - as she made a clawing sign with her hands- yes she is another joy that the Lord has blessed our family with- i hope this next year is full of wonderful things for our little dylan<3

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