Monday, March 8, 2010

wow i haven't been writing for a long time!

hello -hope all are doing well- today finds richmond va with beautiful spring like weather- it is sooo nice to see and feel!

robyn has had another dance comp since i have written- it was fun- did spend the last night in the hotel room throwing up but other than that it was good-- she is going to have her last comp this coming weekend- this one is really kinda neat- it's small and the dance teachers come to our dance studio on sunday and teach our girls privately-the comp is called nyla and has teachers from new york and la.

we planted grass seed yesterday and are hoping for the best- would like to have some grass for the easter egg hunt--

we also sowed some other seeds yesterday- we are waiting expectantly--

kelli and robyn and i are still working on plans for adie and dustin's baby shower--it's coming along- should be fun--the girls from adie's work are throwing her one this coming weekend , i hope she has enjoys it-

my mom is not doing any better, really--i plan to take dinner over tomorrow night--nothing exciting- probably tuna casserole ,cabbage ,and brownies-

oh yeah, i think i told you guys how adie had an agent reading some of her book and how they had asked for more- well they passed - she is still sending it out, though--

colin and kelli have been re-doing some of their house-i think they are going to make the whole house over before they are through--new pink bath for girls looks really good--

robyn and i have started a fb page-group-- for kids that used to be in our neighborhood and hung out all the time - mainly when my 2 oldest boys were young- a lot of them still keep in close touch and a few of them still live in the hood--i had always planned to do a documentary on the group- still want to-- need a camera--we'll see

working it out, peace<3

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