Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sometimes it is the little things

I'm sitting here this morning wanting to write but having a fair amount of difficulty coming up with a subject

Then as I was enjoying my coffee it hit me -- I'll share some of my small comforts that have added pleasure to my life
There was a time when I would have thought it too expensive to purchase the liquid flavored coffee creamers
But they are so good- I don't use them with my first cup of coffee though-- only the later second one
Only thing is the limited choices in the sugar free kind- I particularly like hazelnut

Okay this may sound insane but I really find comfort in boxes of tissues-- I keep one nearby in my living room- 1 in each of my bathrooms and 1 next to my bed

On to food-- I appreciate the frozen family size entrees on occasion- supplemented with unusual side dishes like veggie puffs- kinda like a tator tot
It makes for an easy -seems like home cooking kinda night

Also along the same food thing- it's amazing how much joy in a frozen cheesecake-- something we don't do often but when you know it's thawing in the frigde- well you can't wait for dinner to be over! One brand even comes pre sliced!

And here is a surprising one to me -- frozen blueberries! My sister Ruth brought me some after my hospital stay for diabetes - I thought thanks but I won't be trying those! Now love love love them- especially tasty with a little milk!

With my love of lists- I have come to depend on my memo app on my phone- just hoping they all transfer when we change phones-- I like to look back at lists-- great way to remember what you have already given someone etc!

Speaking of gifts-- a real physical comfort I have discovered is flannel sheets - Robyn gave me some for Christmas-- I have a friend that has always loved them
I didn't think they would be for me -- but oh man what a nice soft feeling to slip into a warm bed on a frigid night

Well hopefully you have found some small things that have become life enhancing to you that you care to share - just that little bit of sunshine in your day


  1. I liked flannel sheets when we lived in Montana. They are comforting indeed. It is the simple comforts that we all have that do make our life enjoyable, especially on those hard days that life can bring us. I stopped drinking coffee for about a year but recently restarted it. I've been putting a little whipped cream in it but decided this morning to get some coffee creamer to flavor it up a bit. I'm more of a french vanilla fan myself :)


  2. Hey Betty-- yeah i like French vanilla too and thats pretty easy to find in sf😊

  3. Flannel sheets are great, especially in cold weather. I don't drink a lot of coffee- I'm more of a tea person. I find that a steaming cup of tea after a long day usually hits the spot.

  4. I like tea too- and yes-- steaming is a tea thing- very soothing!