Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ready set...write!

I hate snow!!
They are calling for the cold mess this weekend
I'm becoming more and more of a warm weather fan-- only liking the brisk days of autumn - and the moderate cold days that lead up to Christmas

I don't much care for February either and I could do without March or April really-- and maybe August -- haha I know -- so far this blog is ground breaking huh
No the truth is I went to my blog and accidently hit the new post thingy-- so being the lazy writer I am-- I said to myself- why not- there's gotta be something I have to say

I just ate some egg beaters Robyn made for me -- since I've been gone from the blogging world - actually a couple of months ago-- I had to restart treating my type 2 diabetes-- on insulin and pills

So the eggs are a pretty good choice for me
After the hospital stay that started all this business again-- Robyn was like a drill sergeant-- making me eat stuff like cauliflower rice and mash- zucchini noodles and other horrible concoctions

Don't get me wrong-- I appreciate the care she and my husband have given me and the stern words from my sons but for someone who loves vegetables-- I'm almost gagging remembering some of these dishes

Now mind you this particular blog is not about snow or diabetes but more of my "carpe diem" kinda thing -- on the new blog-- okay write

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