Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Sorta a continued thought from E day post—— Futile gets a bad rap

It can’t help that somethings are just impossible and better moved on from- yes I’m aware I just ended in a preposition 

Futility is hard work- it’s what you get when you try too hard or what you feel like when you don’t 

Why is it we only use it when we are trying to tell ourselves that things can’t work- that the universe would supremely be against it 

If futility was as exhausting as it sounds- why do we keep doing things that bring us back to this outrageously maddening word


  1. I am not sure when I last used this word as a thought or in a conversation. So much these days is futile now that I think of it. It might be easier to not think of this word. I see your point.


    1. It was kinda tongue in cheek- how are you doing Betty?!๐Ÿ˜

  2. Futility is just one of those words that dare us to expel its first letter --a first step toward utility.

  3. Futile for me means a loss of hope. And I'm just not there yet.