Thursday, April 8, 2021


Funny how one idea or picture can inspire one to duplicate or stimulate your creative side

Such was the case of the Easter/bunny garden my sister made- I kept thinking of it and how it made me feel 

It was a tiered tray- each level filled with old and newer springy delights and creatures - taking you back to childhood but with a grownup touch and whimsical essence

So I hurried to Target and scooped  up some inexpensive Easter items- eager to get home and assemble 2 Easter gardens of my own- adding some older relics too

After I posted my creations to Facebook- my cousin texted me with her darling Easter garden!

What a fun succession of  shared interest- one of those unexpected bonding moments - sister to sister to cousin and perhaps others were making their own interpretation of the Easter menagerie 

My sister’s 


My cousin’s

My Easter trees

My other bunny garden