Friday, April 28, 2023


#AtoZChallenge 2023

 Does zero mean nothing- I guess it does unless accompanied by a friendly numeral

Have you ever felt like a big zero- but think about it- a zero is beautiful- it’s round and completely connected to itself 

There’s lots of space inside a zero and zero even ends with the unbroken circle 

Zero would make a cute pet name

And remember the zero candy bar- sorry bad example 

You have zero chance of this happening 

You have zero in your account 

But you could easily turn that zero around 

You have zero cavities 

You have zero debt

It’s all in our outlook and perspective  

We are obviously taught to allot different meaning to words-but it’s not always one way to look at it

I had zero idea where I was going with this last illustrious letter Z

But as one looks back over the less challenging letters

We can always depend on good old Z to end with a zippididodi of a punch 

And so this brings the AZ challenge of 2023 to a conclusion- thanks for reading and encouragement I’ve experienced along the the way- congratulations to everyone for finishing or even trying! Happy writing 

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