Wednesday, August 12, 2009

after the rain

i thought about not writing anymore--can you believe it --me of great confidence--but here i am--not much to say right now but felt like i should try--

i read the first 4 chapters of my daughter-in-law's first novel- i was very moved by it--it wasn't the story ( although i liked the story ) but the idea of the written word, of alittle glimpse of someone. i hope she can finish it and get published

i love that my kids are into the arts--there's my one the writer--other daughter-in-law the decorator--my oldest son the actor--my second born son the photographer--and my youngest daughter the dancer!

the rain has stopped --i used to love the rain--it made me romanticize--my husband and i would always love to eat chinese on rainy days--now i find myself feeling kinda down ( like normal people ) when it rains. -- i'll be more interesting later-- i hope--cloudy looks like rain again

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