Sunday, August 23, 2009

mini vacation

i hope ya missed me yesterday--we went away saturday and came back sunday--thought i would write something yesterday morning before we left--but sometimes ,good intentions----

we went to a place we've gone before, just a little town near us-- it has a really historic downtown shopping district--pretty quaint

we decided we would just try and relax,and we did

there's a small beach area near by --we rode there and had lunch at this place we had been to before -- it has a beautiful view - overlooking the water. we remembered the food wasn't too good but the view was worth it --this time the food was great although the prices had gone up !

we stayed at the same hotel we always stay-- if we go back , i think we'll try a new place-we probably won't go back anytime soon , to spend the night, but might go back at Christmas time as the downtown is so beautiful then.

we ate dinner at a nearby mexican place-- think i've had my fill of mexican for a long while--their food was so bland--i asked for some sauce --the waitress didn't seem to understand me -- i said -ya know like ah taco bell--she brought me something--didn't help much---i saw waiters serving this large dish of ice-cream to people around us-- i told my husband we should order that --like how much could ya mess up ice-cream--seems like the dish i was seeing was a taco salad-- didn't order it.

we really didn't do much but there were moments, i know will become fond memories---riding into the town-early afternoon- raining hard, the lights that you see only at night on and sparkling-- . my daughter says - ya know , there's something so neat about this -the rain the Christmas lights (she calls them) and michael feinstien playing--told ya she was an old soul.

plan to take more of these mini vacations, for after all how many years will i be able to ride around taking life as it comes -- singing with my husband and daughter to james taylor and the jonas brothers---i know well it won't be long.

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