Thursday, August 27, 2009

waiting for fall

i guess i'm pretty much like everyone - once one season is almost over , i'm ready for the next one-kinda wishing the present one away--when i was young i didn't much care for fall ,but now i have to say it's my favorite season.

when i think of fall of course i think of falling leaves and pumpkins- but it's so much more now--the glow of autumn is magic it seems- it shines with a promise of comfort and excitement all at the same time.

i love the feel of fall the smells of fall and the idea of fall-- it's the time when i start planning my "chili day" each year the pot gets alittle larger-and you have to have cornbread with it and my special baked apples--last year i was so ready for chili day , i had it in september-- think i'll try to wait until october this year--so much better when the real fall chill is in the air.

i love to go riding in the fall with a cup of "starbucks" and a piece of their wonderful iced lemon cake; it is the best!!

i love sweaters and jeans and fires in the fireplace --this will be the first fall i've had my hair red-- i think that will go rather well with autumn, don't you. i love fall weddings ,too -- two of my nieces had their weddings in fall -- they were just lovely --the colors for the flowers made everyone warm and cozy. fall is romance -forget about spring- spring is nice for young young love , but fall has an intensity of age and emotions -- it's seen life and knows life -- the song goes " the summer knows"--but it's autumn that really know us --our loves and our regrets our passions and our hopes and desires.

i enter fall with an eager heart and let it take me where it will for autumn is in my soul.

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