Friday, August 14, 2009

the little boy

as i told you earlier, my daughter and i were going to lunch- we did- wally world

while we were there this woman and her son passed by - i was drawn to him- he was in a wheelchair- severely handicapped- -

i haven't told you yet but i have had five little angels like that little boy.

as they passed by , i tried to make eye contact with the mother ,but she looked away--been there--you are very aware that not all smiles or stares are kind - so for the most part you avoid the looks of interest - out of protection for your child and you.

i said a silent prayer to God that if i was to speak to them He would put them directly in my path again before we left the store. as i was checking out i heard this famaliar but different sound coming from behind me - i turned around to see one older man next in the line, but behind him was this mother and little boy. the boy was making all kinds of sounds (guess God knew i wouldn't look around without this) . i finished checking out and walked back to the woman . i told her that i hoped she didn't mind, but that i had had children similar to her son and how drawn i was to them--her son who had before closed his eyes tightly, started to open them. he looked as though he was smiling . it seemed we had talked there at wally world before,-years before- she and i remembered--seeing him reminded me of my children --i will put her and her family back on my prayer list--one of those divine appointments.

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