Sunday, August 16, 2009


well i'm not at church this morning because i can hardly move my left knee! i don't know what's wrong with it -but just hope it gets better on it's own ( of course with God ) because we don't have insurance!

which brings me to another point-- i'm so tired of this endless debate about reformed health care --there has to be something in between the 2 sides dumb ideas !

last night i heard this dope on fox news ( i love fox news ) saying that really anyone who was interested or wanted health insurance had it-- hello is anybody there-- my family can't afford it and i know plenty of other families that can't--what are these people talking about - it's crazy

we would have to pay 400 min. for family health ins.-- the only way i can go to my doctor for my diabetes is he charges me less than half for an office visit and even though he says he would like to prescribe me some much better medications -- he prescribes the ones i can get for $4 at walmart!

my husband (like so many others lost his job about a year and a half ago) he didn't find full time work again for 9 mos.--during which he worked 3 part time jobs. now with a full time job and a part time job we are still only making 2/3 of his salary as operations manager of a waste co.

next time i write i'm sure i will be more intertaining-- not so much complaining-- pray for my knee-- thanks--have a great Sunday!

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