Sunday, August 30, 2009

the little boy mannequin

i think i may have mentioned my families pizza quest--i may not have--i guess i should have looked back over my blogs--to tired --barely able to write--so i guess i will tell you about the pizza quest in case i have not.

a few years ago we would put the kids in the car -get starbucks- play our favorite music and ride until we were hungry for dinner--we did this for years--we still do it when my husband is off on a weekend night - we used to always go on friday nights--we tried almost every pizza joint in the greater richmond area--we found our very favorite was "zorba's" greek pizza - my husband also really liked "robin inn"--but the story is not about the pizza --that's just how we came to know the little boy mannequin in carytown

i won't reveal which store he is in- i've been trying to get them to sell it to me ever since we met him --he is probably from the 1940's or 50's --i just love him - although if i did get him , it would take a lot of time for me to look at him close ,or touch him--ya know the doll thing--but still i want him--i know part of it is he reminds me of one of my little angels.

the first time my husband went into the store to inquire if we could buy him, they said no--the owner did not want to sell him at the time, but did tell my husband of a website he could go to .it seems there is this site where people that collect baby mannequins ,go to show each other how they have dressed them up etc.--my husband assured them he had no interest in this rather odd hobby--but he only wanted to rescue the little mannequin, from a store window that was dressing him in things like"the ramones"t-shirt--we like the ramones but come on .

frank said he had the feeling they thought he was weirder than the dress up mannequin people--i don't think it's strange - the poor thing needed a good home.

every few months my husband calls to check on the situation--they talk to him in slow deliberate words--no sir we still are not interested in selling you our mannequin--he still tries ,for me.

so if you go riding down in carytown you may start to look for our mannequin--i hope you find it in a way--because i don't really think most people would want to buy him anyway--and if you do see him -take a good long look at him and see if you don't think he's the sweetest little mannequin you have ever laid eyes on.

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