Thursday, August 20, 2009

confessions of a farmville addict

first of all sorry to any readers that aren't on facebook and don't play "farmville"--skip today's--

when i first started fb (facebook) i joined this stupid game called farmville-- i let my gifts just sit there ,and my crops all wither--then one day a friend told me how far up (level) she was on farmville and i started to get interested-- you don't win anything--you don't even get to eat your food-----you're just competing for a higher level than your farmville friends!

i knew i was in trouble when i started picking out seeds to plant based on how long they would take to come up -- i had to make sure i would be home to harvest them ya know---of course like some of my friends , if i had a laptop or phone internet i wouldn't even have to think of those things-- so actually i guess you could say i have more skill-

my husband got really worried about me when he heard me complaining about how hard it was to harvest and plow at the same time-- he just doesn't get it (remember i was once that way )

and ya know what's so aggravating-- if one of your neighbors pops up for you to come to their farm and help , oh i don't know pick up some trash or rake a few leaves-- can you believe it -- right in the middle of harvesting--what are they thinking!

now when i found one of the keys to getting to the higher levels was to get rid of all the trees and decorations and animals and just buy more crops-- i started to move on up pretty quickly--but my lowest point yet was when i only needed a few more points to go to the next level-- i began deleting my plots that were close to harvest time-- just to get more points from plowing

at least i'm not buying (with real money!) more coins yet-

yes my name is lynn and i am a farmville addict

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