Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just because i said i would

hi, i'm writing tonight because i said i would try to write every day and so far today i haven't even tried ..

nothing very exciting happened today . not that it has to for me to write. again i feel like no one is listening ,or did i share that with you here or just on facebook. i'm not really sure why it is important to me to write. yeah i want to be heard but why- what do i get from that. here i go again getting too self absorbed-- i had someone tell me today -you always make everything about you--i don't really believe they even mean what they said- who knows-but i sincerely don't think i am like that- oh well.

i know what i'll tell ya what we had for dinner -- i always like to hear what other people have to eat--we had pork short ribs --baked in the oven and barbecued -broccoli and cauliflower and red beans and rice and oh yeah devils food cake and ice-cream.

i just started to tell you a story about devil's food cake , but realized it was not the time -not on this blog.

the right timing is so important--it can make all the difference in things--like this Christmas movie i just love--"the house without a Christmas tree"-- there's this one part in it where the little girl wants to get her father to let her have a Christmas tree--her grandmother tells her to wait until after he has a good supper before she asks him- cause then he would be in a good mood.

there are so many good reasons to wait for the right moment--the trick is knowing when it is-like for instance i probably didn't pick the right time to write today - this is a bunch of crap i am writing don't think i don't know it--i just guess i wasn't gonna let my dry writing day prevent me from keeping my word to my phantom readers--if you are reading this--wow you must be very loyal--well before i convince you i am a terrible writer who has nothing to say, i will close for tonight--i could of made something up--thought about it--but how would i expose myself to my readers that way and again isn't that what mostly blogging is about--night night

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