Friday, August 14, 2009


i think my daughter robyn and i are going on our usual friday lunch date. we either go to wally world and split a tuna sub, or target with rubber hot dogs !

later today i will be making cabbage, and my famous hot dog hash-- here's how i make it--get your pencils ready!
1 pack hot dogs sliced (small circles)
canned diced or sliced potatoes
1 or 2 sliced onions
oil your pan -top of stove-brown onions and dogs for awhile
add potatoes and cook till brown

seriously- my family loves it !
i got the idea from my grandmother ( mother's mother ) only she made it with lots of butter and french fries--her's was great too

i know by now my readers are becoming envious of my glamorous life, but not to worry -you too can become a super chef like me--i will continue to share the wealth--keep reading, and cooking!

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