Wednesday, August 19, 2009


remember i told you how i talked to my friend in poland yesterday--well we chatted on fb again today--i told him about my blog--while we were talking he went to my blog -- he commented to me how a certain one had almost made him cry--

it meant so much to me for someone to be touched by one of my entries

you know it's so funny how we seek acknowledgement from others--how it can make our day or change our mood--sometimes it's just easier or quicker to say nothing

even my friend (really really old friend -she'll love that-) commented about how awful my hot dog hash sounded ( it's an acquired taste!) but i didn't mind-- she's just jealous--but really it was so neat to me that she had read my blog-- gee , i hope i'm not to self absorbed!

but isn't that what the human condition ( i'm gonna get serious now ) yearns for -- to be connected , to be heard, to be understood , to matter,

thanks to those who take the time to listen to that someone who's needing your attention--who knows it just might make all the difference .

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  1. ok..old old friend..I guess one day I will have to try hot dog hash (slop)..I know if you cook it it has to be good cause u are a wonderful cook..luv ya