Tuesday, August 18, 2009


remember my dinner i was planning with my parents--well it turned out pretty nice--we had spaghetti, salad,garlic bread and yellow cake with chocolate icing--last night as my daughter robyn was making the cake while texting with her summer virtual boyfriend ( she actually knows him they just haven't seen each other recently ) she discovered the cake didn't take oil like the standard cake mix but took butter--it said it was yellow butter cake, but we thought that just meant butter flavored---well we used soft margarine and it was delicious!

i think my parents enjoyed themselves-- i sent home the left-overs for their thursday night dinner as they have wednesday night church supper tomorrow night.

robyn is so cute she always dresses up when we have someone for dinner--pumps and all-- i think it's so sweet--she even put pop standards on for background music--you'd suppose that would be for her grandparents, but that is one of her favorite styles of music -- she's an old soul !

mama and robyn looked at pictures on facebook of the grandchildren -her great-grandchildren!daddy and frank talked alot about nascar and " the lawrence welk show ".

my knee has done pretty well today-thank the LORD!

all in all it's been a pretty good day --farmed some on facebook's farmville and farmtown-- talked to one of my best friends sons ( haven't talked to in years ) who lives in poland ! he is also on farmtown ! .......... hope MY son feels better son --nasty summer cold- poor thing--

i don't mean to be disrespectful about my mother's illness--but life's changes also have their lighter moments ,even in tragedy---as my mother was starting to leave she was looking around picking up plates etc. as she always does ( even before some people can finish)--she looks strangely at a decorative pottery bowl i have on the end table - it has sand dollars in it--she goes to throw it away -- nobody could help but laugh- she did too-- ya know the old saying -ya gotta laugh to keep from crying--good night all :)

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