Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Country style steak day

hey it's me -- i probably won't worry about grammar or any of the conventional writing rules--so i hope that doesn't bother anyone!
today i am making my mother and father their weekly dinner from me--i just started doing this 4 weeks ago, hope to keep it up each week. my mother has alzhemiers (sorry if i didn't spell that right too busy to look it up right now) . my father has been doing most of the cooking lately ,so am trying to give him a little break. i've been meaning to start a blog for awhile now--so here i go
i'm gonna make beef rice, butter beans and my daughter robyn is making blueberry muffins! i really like to cook esp. in summer and fall . i like one pot dishes the best. i always fancied myself a writer--for a long time--i had an article published once in a local news magazine--.
i just recently entered a writers contest --didn't win just got alot of good and bad feedback. it actually encouraged me--but i'm like that--i've always had alot of confidence in my talents--don't know why cause people in my life have not been very supportive. i do know how to write correctly but find it so boring.
i'm not sure where i will be going with this blog--we'll see ,hope someone likes it. talk later!
oh yeah did i say i was making country style steak!

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