Monday, August 24, 2009

" kids say the darnest things "

i was talking to my good friend today- trying to cheer her up --she had just gotten home from the hospital, - her grandson had surgery

we started remembering things about our kids etc.-- so i thought i would share some of the better most embarrassing things our kids and kids we love have said, maybe someone else needs a laugh today

one time my daughter was having a medical test done- she was not very happy about it and became very - well let's say gassy-- we were at a catholic hospital and there was a little nun in the room with us ( for some reason ) --i turned her way and explained --yes she has some gas it seems--my son says mom mom i know another word for gas--and me with my mind on my daughter preceded to ask - oh really what is it --FART, he cries out- certainly loud enough for the people in the next room to hear and most definitely the sweet little red faced nun !

then there is another son of mine that managed to top that, one fine day at our baptist church- i was keeping the nursery with a dear prim and very proper older lady of the church--snack time arrived with it's usual crackers and juice --my darling little one exclaims--at home we like BEER with our crackers--she only smiled and nodded as i told her i didn't know where he could have got that since we most certainly did not drink

but probably one of the best worst ones came from my cousin's little girl (thank goodness) - while shopping in a very nice small jewelry store her daughter looks at the man who is waiting on her mother and then looks at her mother and asks-- mommy does he have a PENIS-- but the worst part is my cousin, not knowing what to say -- answers -- i don't know honey--

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