Thursday, August 13, 2009

mall day

hey, today we (robyn) went to our local mall to have lunch with my son "c" --still not sure how much to tell on this blog, and if family members mind--have to ask i guess--
we had chinese food well kinda-- it was good
my son was in a pretty good mood except when i had computer questions-- old people can be so annoying !

i've been thinking (some) today about what to worry about and what to let go
when my husband and i were much younger ,it was so important to do things round the house--ya know i don't know why i just said that cause it's not true-- i should say we wanted things to look good , but always chose something else to do whenever we had free time.

still i'm looking around and trying to decide what is the least we could do--money,time and effort wise to improve our surroundings--we've started to de-clutter- which really gets messy--ya start with one room and then the other room becomes the junk room

so i decided to just go to the mall - my mess will always be there but my son may not always work at the mall.

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