Saturday, April 30, 2022


 I wanted to end with something meaningful and intense- but I’m not sure it would be honest- and hey that’s our goal isn’t it!

I started this az challenge with great zeal and even excitement 

I’m finishing with a bit of disappointment in myself- just a little- because mainly I’m continuing to pat myself on the proverbial back

Zeal is fragile- it’s subject to winds of any velocity 

So when you start to experience that tingling zeal- ride it as far as you can- don’t expect it to be there waiting 

Because it doesn’t wait for anyone- it is at best fleeting and brief 

I hope for each one that participated in this challenge- happiness and blessings- contentment and wonder 

I hope life holds much joy and zeal and never give up on that dream or passion 

Congratulations to everyone and keep on writing what you know and care about- and if you can’t do that - make it interesting 


  1. Completing it is a big deal so congrats to u and writing with heart in it matters :) all the best

    From "The Pensive"

  2. I say this every year when April comes to an end, I hope you continue writing throughout the year, Lynn. I always enjoy reading what you write. Zeal is an interesting word. I'm trying to think if I have zeal for anything. Got to ponder that I think! Take care of yourself! I keep meaning to say, but forget, I hope Robyn and her family are doing well.