Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a Rose by any other name

remember I told you my blog would be about food and entertaining---what more important time in your life will your special touches and ideas be on display than your wedding---

as many of you know---my daughter robyn got married a couple of years ago----

she and I had so much fun thinking dreaming and planning the special day----

together we made the bows for the church----the centerpieces for the reception tables and the brides-bridesmaids -groomsmen--and special guests  flowers-----

not only can you save so much money with artificial flowers but you have so many choices and colors----yes I too love real flowers---but if you are on a budget---you can make a huge difference in this area----

twice I have tried to start a wedding business---actually robyn and I still have one but business is very slow-----

and I always tell brides -if you are looking at what to cut----I would go with some real flowers and mostly artificial----and forget about the wedding program-----and contrary to most wedding planners--I say---don't scrimp on the extras for your guest---such as favors and dessert tables----yes the day is yours but remember--you have invited people---they are there to share this day with you but they should be treated like royalty---


  1. Very nice! And I agree about the wedding program (kind of like a funeral program too; its nice, but at least here doesn't last that long after the ceremony). I think it was a good idea with the "fake" flowers. They could be reused again, not like real ones.


  2. Thanks Betty - now if Robyn and I had not been on a right budget we would have loved all the extras but on the other side -we had lots of fun and now fond memories of making so much of the decor -:)

  3. The only problem I have have with no program is not knowing who anyone is. When my niece got married, I didn't know some of the party and it would have been nice to put a name to a face. But, I am also one that keeps all that kind of stuff.

  4. Yeah they are helpful-and if your budget is not too tight they are nice to have :)

  5. I made everything for my wedding - dress, veil, invitations, cake...and we had such a marvelous time for very little money.
    And when my daughter got married, I had my first graders make her a beautiful paper mache pinata stuffed with chocolates for the bride and groom to crack open.
    At her cousin's wedding my daughter and I decorated the necessary porta-potty on the grounds. Draped it with tulle and artificial flowers. Added an air freshener, hand sanitizers and voila - It looked like a real throne!
    Do it yourself is an economical, but more importantly, a memorable option!

  6. How cool!!! Yes Donna it is a wonderful memory already :)

    1. Oh, I was going to tell you that the pinata was a huge heart shape. I had them use small squares of red, purple and pink tissue paper over white newsprint strips, using two balloons as structure. It hung as a decoration for a while and then we lowered it for the festivities! Everyone loved watching the two of them trying to break it open.
      You really can save so much money with well placed artificial flowers! The judicial use of real and artificial works so well.

  7. That is so adorable and unique Donna!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the event pictures! We had real flowers at our wedding, but we made cuts in other areas.