Monday, April 13, 2015

Ketchup--it's not just a fry thing

okay more ketchup-yes please

I know I am out of luck if I don't have ketchup around when the grandkids are over having a pizza night---several of them wouldn't have it any other way than a big mound of tangy sweet ketchup on the side for dipping of course!

but wow it's a versatile little item---

you probably already use it in your meatloaf and on top----

it can really boost up your baked beans and is great for topping your best mac and cheese---

I love having it on scrambled eggs or hash browns---let's face it- it's great on any taters!

and I bet you know you can make your own thousand island dressing with it--just add relish and mayo and some like a taste of hot sauce

don't have any soup in the house and someone just has to have some good old tomato soup---I kid you not----add as much as you desire to milk---a tsp or so of mustard and I like to add Italian seasoning to mine-

add about a half of cup to some jiffy cornbread mix----surprisingly good

I add it to my chili also--especially if I don't have tomato paste on hand

what is your favorite ketchup trick---come on--I won't tell anyone



  1. I had not thought to add it to cornbread mix; I'll have to try that down the line. I don't think there is any other use that you didn't mention here that we use ketchup for. Hubby will use it in soup and it is delicious that way!


  2. Oh yeah Betty -when I was a kid - friends used to mix it with mustard and dip their potato chips!

  3. Recently saw a t-shirt that said "I like ketchup with my ketchup"

    That is my husband, through and through.

  4. Haha that's cute-I know some people that would wear that too :)

  5. I put a little in my beef stroganoff.

  6. Mmmm that sounds really good Ruth!!

  7. I never understood the ketchup on pizza thing - it already has tomato sauce on it! :D Then again, I have friends who eat grapes with ketchup too...

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  8. Haha I guess it's the never too much if a good thing :)

  9. Hey did you know your blog can't be seen-you may want to enable people to view your blog :)

  10. my son eats pizza with ranch dressing. hope you had a beautiful Easter!

  11. Oh yeah-Dillon likes it with ranch too-I did have a good Easter-hope you did too :)

  12. I like a ketchup face on a plain slice of bread. Gluten free bread now though. Haven't tried THAT yet.