Tuesday, April 28, 2015

eXperience and the eXtras

that's the thing about cooking and entertaining---like with almost everything---experience will make you hopefully better at it---

 although my mother was a wonderful cook---I didn't know hardly anything about cooking when I first got married---you see my mother was not about other people being in her kitchen and any experience I had was due to my sneaking in there when she wasn't home or from one of my grandmothers teaching----I think Robyn has maybe inherited my mom's kitchen thing---we share the cooking but not the kitchen so much!

now when Robyn was little and she was eager to learn---she made some interesting mistakes in recipes----like for instance---in a cornbread thing I make---actually it's pretty much Paula Deen's recipe----anyway---Robyn put in double the sour cream---and now we make it that way---so much better----as with Paula's ooey gooey pumpkin cake--Robyn used double cream cheese---out of this world!!

yes experience will show you what works---what failed completely---and what you might tweak a bit next time-

oh yeah---Robyn just reminded me another eXample of her successful doubling---now she is becoming a really good cook---but for some reason she hates to make any kind of rice----even the minute kind----one night the stir-fry was ready-when I went to take the lid off the rice---it was soup---she eXclaimed--"I think I put double the water"---now I gotta tell ya---that was the best "sticky rice" I think I have ever had---rivaled my grandmother's--



  1. So true with experience for cooking and trial and error. Since hubby does the majority of the cooking here, this is something I haven't had to experience, LOL :) I can follow a recipe, he's the one that knows what spices go well together, etc.

    Two more letters!


  2. I am always learning -esp about the mixing if spices -so many choices -yes Betty 2 yay!!!!

  3. You know me, I love to cook. I never used to experiment. I do now. I call it a hodge podge til I eat it see if it is worth making again. One time my daughter was helping me make magic in the middles and put 1 cup of baking soda in instead of 1 teaspoon. That one didn't work out so well. :)

  4. Haha yeah Ruth that's why I don't bake too much- can't experiment much-has to be exact ;)