Saturday, April 11, 2015

Juice and Jellies and Jams oh my!

you may be surprised what a little juice or jam can do for some of your favorite dishes---

whether it's grape jelly or jam in your favorite meatballs---or a little orange juice or drink in your famous chili---they can add a depth of flavor that many can't detect but know something's good and different!

try adding just a splash of apple juice or cider to your mixed greens----or mix it with some apple cider vinegar and a touch of oil for your tossed green salad

dress up an impromptu brunch with your take on some virgin cocktails----fruit punch with ginger ale is super festive and you can't go wrong with orange juice with club soda--or better yet tomato juice with a bit of lime!
oh and lest I forget---my best punch is made with pineapple juice and lemon lime drink

love fried chicken---you may make this dish your new best friend--I got it from my friend Mary's mother years ago--coat chicken with apricot preserves-red Russian dressing--and lipton dry onion soup mix---it's out of this world---

serve your pork chops with some apple jelly---and ever had strawberry jam mixed with Italian dressing--great for a beef marinade

keep apple butter on hand for a wonderful addition to oatmeals---pancakes and just on some good ole biscuits--

this list could go on and on---whatever you're making---stop and think---could this use a little juice jelly or jam----hmmmmm maybe!



  1. I would never have thought of putting some of that stuff together.I do have lots of jellies and juice. Hmmm ...

  2. So cool you have them around-I guess I don't practice what I preach sometimes-cause I never seem to have enough myself and you know what is so great even though it's not a jam ie juice--/ chili sauce -thanks Ruth :)

  3. my mom mixed grape jelly with tomato sauce, covered chicken, and baked. It was amazing. I have layered dijon mustard and orange marmalade on pork chops, wonderful. Always looking for the different in cooking.

  4. Mmmm they both sound really tasty-thanks Susan :)

  5. Fruit punch and ginger ale sounds so good right now.

  6. It really is-- another good one-actually it was Robyn's and Dillion's signature drink at their wedding reception-it's Mountain Dew with pink lemonade :)