Saturday, April 4, 2015


sometimes it's great fun to get out the dishes your mom passed to you or your great aunt Lily---or the bargain ones you found on that great sale----

whether tablecloths or placemats or even bare table----it's always good to change things up----

my grandkids always look forward to the sparkling ciders on Thanksgiving--and for sure they have always had a real fancy glass!

fresh flowers are such a nice touch but get creative---sometimes some dollar store candle holders and plastic fruit can look amazing-

yes on those special occasions---use it all---bring out the gravy boats and the jelly dishes----maybe even those hardly ever used cloth napkins----and don't be afraid to mix and match---

whatever your taste or style---you will appreciate the day as you look back on it-


  1. I love dishes. I use the fancy ones for regular meals. Life is to be lived.

    1. That's great Ann-- I must admit I use paper plates most every day :)

  2. I regret keeping the nice stuff in the china cabinet for decades. Now I have passed it all to my daughter to use or give away.

  3. Yeah that's what usually happens-I am going to try and use it more often :)

  4. Pretty tables featured here :) My sister in law has different plates she uses for different occasions. We basically use the same stuff no matter what, we didn't even get china when we got married all those years ago. Maybe we'll have to change that some day.


  5. We didn't get much of our china- but I do have some of my moms and aunts and the basic white I think I actually got from dollar general-looks expensive haha-good to hear from you Betty!