Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spaghetti---what can't ya do with it?

spaghetti noodles are so versatile ---yes there's the usual way with the tomato sauce or the white sauce or creamy tomato sauce---but there is so much more

I like to use them in pasta salads---sometimes I break them in fours-say if it's my Chinese salad---basically it's pasta---almonds---chicken---celery---Chinese canned noodles and Asian dressing---

once again--I like to fry my spaghetti---using leftover pasta---adding peas or other vegetables---and chicken stock---oh and a bit of heavy cream---great side or main dish-

they are great in soups and stews----also break them several times for best results-

frittatas are super with spaghetti as the base--again adding whatever you like to your eggs---I really enjoy tomato and green pepper---and some cheese is nice too-

you can make a wonderful tuna casserole using spaghetti noodles---just add a cream soup---canned mushrooms and onion---top it with buttered bread crumbs sprinkled with tarragon-

but probably my favorite way to use spaghetti is in my baked spaghetti----make sure you don't cook it too long first----add your best sauce----with or without meat----lots of cheeses---I like to use a blend of Italian cheese----cream cheese and ricotta-----topping it with cheddar cheese----to finish it off I add to the very top during the last ten minutes or so---either green pepper and onion or black olives and fresh tomato---always a great night's meal---



  1. Yum with spaghetti noodles in any form :) I always say I've never met a pasta, potato, or bread that I didn't like :)

    One thing about spaghetti though, it is so delicious to eat, but I think we use every pot and pan in preparing it between the sauce, noodles, meatballs etc :)


    1. I know Betty - I was just telling Robyn how I want one of those pasta pan with the colander in them-would cut out one step if not pans :)

  2. Those look good. I should get some stuff for spaghetti. I have not had it in awhile.

  3. I must admit-those are not my pictures-I think they are the only ones that aren't mine so far :)

  4. I've used spaghetti noodles for tuna noodle casserole. They've worked well.

  5. They really do-I was thinking last night that I need to make that soon!!!

  6. All of this sounds great. I plan to try the fried spaghetti and spaghetti bake. Great!

  7. Yeah I had spaghitti tonight but actually it was from a local pizza place-I did cook Monday and Tuesday :)

  8. OOOhhh. Have you tried making one pot spaghetti? We use a LARGE high sided frying pan to do the meat in first. In the same pan add the sauce ingredients and the uncooked noodles to the cooked meat or meatballs. Cover and cook 15-20 minutes. Voila. Done. One pan. Here's one recipe. It turns out WONDERFULLY! Tweak the recipe until it is the way you like it. I never used the broth as this one calls for, and I've used prepared spaghetti sauce with added water for the noodles to absorb.

  9. No I haven't but I will now!!! Thanks Donna :)