Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leftovers---you mean there's leftovers?

yes once in a while we have leftovers and sometimes I plan it that way---

like for instance I will pick up a rotisserie chicken- a large one and plan to cut up the rest the next night for let's say stir-fry---

or I might use the leftover rice from the stir-fry and make it a delicious side dish for the third night---adding butter and fresh herbs---it will go nicely with pork chops and cabbage---

some nights we have two or three different vegetables---as we try and load up on those instead of the starchier dishes----so the next night I make homemade soup---adding some chicken broth or tomato juice and canned beans----goes great with grilled cheese sandwiches

if it's warm weather I like to take a rotisserie chicken and make chicken salad and the next night a hearty chicken cold salad with greens and boiled eggs-

when I make cornbread--I usually make a double batch-----taking the extra the next night and crumbling it over a barbecue casserole---just mix with tomatoes and corn-

and speaking of leftovers---whenever you have a big event or party----make sure to have an ample supply of leftover dishes so your friends and family can take some of their favorites home to enjoy the next day or even later that night----


  1. I do the same thing with leftover chicken. I'm trying harder to make smaller meals so there aren't leftovers.

  2. Yeah cause I do hate putting things away after dinner-only draw back and finding room in freg!

  3. I love leftovers. They go to work with my husband. Leftover chili for chili dogs. I have not had a chili dog in a long time. I have been wanting them. I buy a big ham and use leftovers for everything. If I can buy one thing and get two or three meals out of it, it's a win-win. :)

  4. Yeah that's the beauty of them--we haven't had chili dogs in too long too!

  5. Now that son moved out, we have used leftovers in a different way. Before whenever there were leftovers he might take them to work or to his girlfriend or we would have them for lunch the next day, etc. Now that its just the two of us we use the leftovers for another dinner meal; if I do 4 chicken breasts, 2 one night, 2 a couple days later, etc. Works really well :)


  6. I know Betty - it's great how you can make enough to eat the same thing a couple of nights or just most of the cooking one night or two :)