Thursday, April 16, 2015

chicken Nuggets

now I know I have already shared quite a bit about chicken but although the frozen chicken nuggets are one of my grandchildren's favorites---I wanted to share a few of my chicken "golden" Nuggets---

I don't really call this anything but you take chicken any pieces and brown them in some oil and onions---adding close to cook time---diced tomatoes-black olives- and artichoke hearts--

I find that a canned chicken works really well for chicken salad---in other salads---in pasta dishes and I just about always use it in my enchiladas ---oh and I almost forgot---I use it in my homemade Brunswick stew-

grilling chicken is great---I think it works best when you cook it most of the way in the oven and transfer to the grill just in time for some wonderful grill marks and flavor-

plain old baked chicken becomes a delicacy when cooked with dried oregano-tarragon or rosemary--

and who doesn't love chicken and dumplings---cook your chicken pieces until falling off the bone---adding lots of celery and seasonings of your choice----when it's ready just top the liquid with canned biscuits--pushing them down a bit and turning---you don't even have to remove the chicken first-

want some nachos but no time for ground beef----just use your canned chicken--shredding well and add extra seasonings -

and what if you don't have time to make anything---pick up your favorite store's fried chicken---put it on a pan--sprinkle it with a little water---covering with tin foil---heat for twenty minutes or so and you will think your grandmother had made it--

oh and one last chicken Nugget---you know those rotisserie  chickens-I keep talking about---when I buy one- as soon as I get home--I take it out of the wrappings---wrap it in lots of foil---and let it stay in the oven until dinner time----depending on when I put it in---anywhere from warm to 300----when you go to serve it--it won't have any of that pink color or rubbery taste---and I don't even slice it---I just pull it off the bone---perfect


  1. I love all your Nuggets regarding chicken :) That's a good idea about the rotisserie chicken to keep it in the oven before you are ready for it. What I like to do with chicken is to get about 5 pounds chicken breasts and put them in the crockpot, hubby spices them, and let them cook all day. Then we shred the chicken and use it for salads, burritos, and I store 2-1/2 to 3 cups of it in plastic freezer bags to have available to use in recipes that call for cooked chicken. Now I shared a nugget with you :)


  2. I love your nugget!! Thanks Betty :)

  3. I know Ruth -I really prefer it to beef:)