Monday, April 27, 2015

What's for dinner Mom?

like I shared before--my mom cooked big meals just about all of her life----now she wasn't much for entertaining---but she took really good care of my dad and her four children---

I remember some of her dishes just like it was yesterday----like her spaghetti ---the sauce was very thin and runny---it was very good---but until I was grown--I didn't know some people had thick spaghetti sauce--

often on the weekends my mother would make us donuts---using canned biscuits dropped in oil and dipped in powdered sugar

another one of her canned biscuit tricks was the fried ones---I recently fell back on that way of fixing them---when our oven was out for a couple of days----I gotta tell ya---they are fantastic that way---

another breakfast treat was her salt herring and corn cakes---that's when we were allowed to have coffee---well really a little coffee in our milk!

Mother always had a meat or main dish----a starch and at least two vegetables---and of course bread---like I said before---rarely dessert---

there was this pear thing she did----canned half of a pear---served on lettuce---filled with a combo of mayo and cream cheese and topped with a marchisio cherry-

Mom fried almost everything---pork chops ---ham slices---bologna---and of course those biscuits--

but a couple of my fondest memories of Mama and food--were not of her cooking-

she and I loved those canned tamales and would split a can sometimes--

and for some reason I go back to the time she and I stopped at McDonald's and both got a chef salad--they had just started serving them---we thought they were huge and so tasty---

we pulled through the drive-thru and sat in the parking lot eating our salads---I can still see her face as she enjoyed her salad---and saying several times----"these are really good" and they were Mama-


  1. You have touched my heart today. I still have my mom and she lives with me. I just have such keen memories of the foods we ate as a kid and stopping at McDonalds for one of those salads. You go girl.

  2. Awww thank you Ann that's very sweet:)

  3. Those are some nice memories.

    1. Thank you Ruth -I can't tell you how many times I think of us and those salads :)

  4. Sweet pictures of your mother :) Moms always have a way of cooking delicious meals, don't they? My son did the biscuit thing for making donuts, they really came out good.


  5. Oh that's neat that your son made the donuts!! Your know Betty -I still haven't tried making them-gotta fix that :)