Wednesday, April 15, 2015

got the Munchies

munchies are something you don't miss until there are none!!

I know in our house---if there is no yogurt or corn chips and salsa---then there is no food in the house!

I remember when I was a child--we had cookies almost always in the house--but there wasn't much snacking---there was ice-cream quite often but mom didn't make dessert very much and I don't recall just sitting eating chips when I wanted---as a matter of fact---you didn't just go in the kitchen and get something to eat----but she made a full course meal every night and when I took my lunch to school I could always count on chips and hostess cupcakes or twinkies-

you know I can always bet if someone drops by--I won't have a thing in the house to offer them---but I can go for weeks with cookies cakes and pizza rolls in the freezer and no one darkens my door haha!

hey you know what I once tried to keep in the house---a box of those pepperidge farm select cookies--yes they were there waiting for the perfect uninvited quest to show up and be very impressed by them---only problem---they kept getting eaten by someone--okay me---

popcorn is always a safe choice----and who doesn't enjoy those frozen bagel bites

and let's all promise to keep a couple of semi good cheeses around and one or two boxes of cute crackers---they will do in a pinch

so muncher or not---you need to be prepared for those of us who are always hungry!


  1. I don't keep a lot of munchies around. But, then my husband always says there is nothing to eat. There is, just maybe not what he wants. If I do buy stuff, it sits around until I eat it. He forgets we have it. I can not win.

  2. Haha-I know-frank is not the sweet lover that I or others in the house are-but you can just bet if there is something sweet here and we try and save him some - he will only ask for it after that last piece was eaten by one if us!

  3. Munchies always seemed to disappear the same day purchased when we had teenagers. Now, we don't have munchies, sadly.

  4. Yeah it was hard to keep them around when my two oldest boys were home:)

  5. I am a muncher, so is hubby. Thankfully what I like to mucn and what he likes to munch are different so I let him buy what he wants and then I'm not tempted (too) much :)


  6. We are the same way/ to a point/frank can be pretty sure all the chips and salsa are his but once in a while he wants something sweet-if everyone else hasn't gotten to it first :)

  7. what a tasty theme for the a-z - food! All your photos make me hungry. :-) I'm trying to eat healthier these days, but a plate of carrots is not as endearing as an orange trifle!