Saturday, April 25, 2015

Variety is not a spice but maybe it should be

how many of us cooks---ponder the question---what can I make for dinner tonight---and what can I have with it---

some of my go-tos are stocking up on sale soups---trying to keep a few different types of pasta---sauces of all kinds-----

I like to have on hand frozen vegetables and canned---canned beans and meats---and lots of packaged rice blends and potato mixes---and don't forget the instant potatoes---so handy in a pinch for so many dishes

it's nice to have some frozen fruit and canned as well

canned gravy can bring a lot of flavor and consistency to many bland meals or of course just as a garnish

like I have shared before---birds eye has some of the most unusual and affordable blends of vegetables---many with pasta or rice and beans----we really love them---

when you are stocking up on salad dressing---be sure and double up on your preferred flavors---as they make great marinates and sauces---I find typically they are much cheaper than a said marinate---

don't be afraid to try frozen shrimp---it can really jazz up your week---just don't cook it too long---it is almost always cooked already anyway---

stir-fry is a beautiful dish and is easily made with lots of frozen blends of your pick of veggies----add meat or not----any Asian sauce will work---my sister got me on to Korean teriyaki sauce---probably my favorite-

so tonight---go for it---try that new side dish you saw online----make your own subs----make it taco night-----whatever you do---spice it up---you know---Variety!


  1. I meal plan weekly so I know what we are going to have, but I do remember those days before I started meal planning, LOL, when I would be scrambling around trying to figure out what to make for dinner. It is good to have the variety like you said to have available for quick meals. I know these days I like to have dinner cooked in less than 30 minutes unless it is Saturday and Sunday when we have more time :)


    1. Funny I tend to make more sorta complicated dinners in the week and truthfully we rarely cook anything on the weekends-but I am still thinking about going back to those good old Sunday dinners :)

  2. I love pasta salad and throw some frozen veggies, some pasta, and salad dressing and you are good to go. Add some cooked meat and cheese if you'd like.

    1. Oh I know Ruth -I love them too and there is an endless amount of options :)

  3. Hi Lynn, I like to know what I'm cooking each week so I make a list of meals for each night of the week, and then shop the list! Saves me money and time and we get to eat a great variety of foods too.

    Good post.

  4. I like to plan too Marie and yes I really enjoy having as much variety as I can :)