Monday, April 6, 2015

Entertainingly Entertaining

it's a birthday---a wedding shower---an anniversary party or just good friends or family coming by----

if you like to plan and make lists---then you likely are a born host or hostess-----

sometimes pick a theme---shop for bargains that may become your theme----

buffet---finger foods---pizza and salad----your special touches will add to everyone's enjoyable time-

I love giving small gifts or goody bags to each guest---or even a big bowl of candy that they can pick through----

if you are not going to use real plates and cups---make sure you have almost double paper or plastic wares than you have people attending----and triple the napkins and flatware!

splurge on little extras such as decorative toothpicks---straws----and cute salad plates and separate dessert plates-

the small appetizers and desserts are still in fashion---so get daring with those dainty cute containers---search places like party city---dollar store---target and big lots for many choices and great prices--

make it a party--make it a memory-


  1. They were weren't they-we had fun making them huh!

  2. I don't often entertain now, but I when I did, I enjoyed the planning and little special touches. Everything looks beautiful in your pictures! Makes me want to have a party!

    1. Well good -I was hoping to inspire someone :)

  3. That looked like a nice gathering you were preparing for :) Always nice to put out the extra touches when entertaining indeed!


  4. That was a baby shower for the daughter if one of my best and childhood friends-thanks Betty :)

  5. I haven't entertained for a good few years now. Just got out the habit somehow...used to enjoy it though. Your picture looks like a good gathering...

  6. Yeah I don't do it as often as I would like to/ life just gets busy I guess-thanks!