Saturday, April 9, 2016

Honesty- Honestly?

How often do you fib- or stretch the total honest truth about a matter

I have thought about honesty a lot more lately - how it's almost impossible to know if something or someone is representing the real truth and nothing but the truth

Now I know there are many occasions where the cold stark truth seems brutal and unnecessary

But is it- would things be better if that teacher had told you how badly you really sang or your husband had told you that favorite dinner you keep making him is not his favorite and please don't make it anymore

What if your neighbor told you they hated your house color and they were the one's that reported you to the home association

Do we claim we tell the honest truth- when perhaps it is only to the people we don't care about hurting

Is the truth subjective
I think only our heart if seen could sort out our honest motives

But next time you are wounded by honesty-- ask yourself was it warranted does it help what can you do with it-- or was it someone having a bad day and wanting to give you a piece of their mind- I mean honest evaluation


  1. I do think some truth is subjective. I think we try our best not to hurt people's feelings and that's why we aren't honest sometimes with them about what they might be wearing, things they cooked, etc. One of my cousins went over to her then boyfriend's house (years ago) for dinner; first time meeting the family. Whatever the mom cooked, my cousin didn't like at all. But she raved about it because it was the first time meeting the boy's parents. Sure enough every time she had dinner there, the mom made the same thing. So.....maybe we need to be careful how we compliment on something.....


  2. Ah...the truth. It's hard and I've worked at it. I used to think telling little white lies so as not to hurt someone's feelings or not to make a situation volatile was OK. Not! I didn't like telling these fibs, not that I told them all the time, but enough, and it bothered me. I relearned how to respond to people and, for the most part, people accept the honesty. If people asked me a sensitive question that I didn't want answer, rather then tell a like I would just say, "I can't believe you're asking me that." Or, "I'm not comfortable answering that." What I'm still guilty is, lying by omission. Is that really lying though?

  3. My mom used to make oatmeal cake and Dad ate it so she liked it. That man will pretty much eat anything except a corndog so it's hard to tell. But, one time she heard him tell someone he didn't like it. He could have just said something.
    My mom had a minister that said that a lie was a lie and it didn't matter what it was. She thought that was wrong. She asked what he would do if his young daughter asked what he thought of her drawing. He still thought he needed to be honest.

  4. I was once a person who only spoke the truth. Until I learned the truth hurts. Now I temper my honesty! But I prefer it to an out and out lie! :)

    Happy A to Z ing! Yay, the weekend's here! :)
    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    Murderous Imaginings

  5. Yeah I agree- tempering is better!

  6. Any time people say something about not lying in business, I say, "Deception is the backbone of business!" "We decided to go in a different direction" to a job candidate or, "We're going to have to let you go" to a person you're firing because they suck. If we were honest...there would be a lot more chaos in the world.